For whatever reason, the vast majority of narrative projects that friends and I discussed never came to fruition. Regardless, we had fun creating these pieces, the few times we actually managed to get the camera rolling.

The Fever was Written and Directed by Amina Kearney. It came into being after she handed me a hilarious two page script. It clearly needed to be made into a movie.

At the time, Frank Tutu had multiple scripts in the works and I was editing a few projects. But for a day we dropped everything and threw one another in front of the camera.

With full artistic license, I took this commission for Michael Hersch as a foray into the world of abstract imagery. 

An exercise in black and white 16mm filmmaking, this was my first student film for class... years before the Poughkeepsie Cannon, filmed along the Hudson.

*Disclaimer: Culinary Skills Severely Lacking.