These videos grew out of the reality that we can claim a power in our communities when we use our resources. These were released exclusively on Facebook and shared among friends. Local audiences care and pay attention. The aim here was to amplify the voices of folks who weren't being represented in the Poughkeepsie Journal, offering alternative narratives from the ones presented by local 'mainstream.'

These were produced and released as votes and conference meetings were still taking place. We worked alongside organizer Jordan Taylor with Community Voices Heard in an effort to protect bus riders who rely on public transit as their primary means of transportation. We also worked with Nobody Leaves Mid Hudson to highlight issues within the public school system. For a deeper analysis, take a look at this lecture by Kimberlé Crenshaw that we filmed for Vassar.  She contextualizes this moment in history, highlighting intersections of gender, race, and class identity.

*Disclaimer: Culinary Skills Severely Lacking.