Con Spirito


  In spring 2018, I worked as an associate producer on the set of the film Con Spirito. It's currently working its way into Festivals. Here's the synopsis from the website:

  "​Inspired by true events. At Vassar College in 1933, Elizabeth Bishop and Margaret Miller sneak around campus in the dead of night posting an anonymous call for submissions to their experimental, boundary-pushing literary newspaper, Con Spirito. Caught in the rebellious spirit of the mission, they wind up spending the night in a tree, discussing their radical venture, life at Vassar, writing, and loneliness. As the sun rises on Vassar’s campus, the two women leave their perch on the tree with a new, profound understanding of each other, and of the challenges ahead of them."

  The cast and crew who put together Con Spirito was phenomenal. Filming took place three consecutive wintery nights, which were cold and surreal. And the crew was predominantly female, which was great. Should be a normal thing by now, but isn't.

Elizabeth Bishop (poet), the central figure in the film, is one of Vassar's more famous alumni. Here are three videos I produced as a student, featuring English professors reading Bishop's poetry.

*Disclaimer: Culinary Skills Severely Lacking.