Poughkeepise, NY

Honing a Craft

2008 - 2013

Alex Levy studied filmmaking and editing under the tutelage of the late Professor Emeritus Kenneth Robinson, whose particular claim to fame was as co-editor of the film Purple Rain. His instruction of editing was deeply insightful.  Here's a beautiful tribute to Ken from another former student.

With a camera, Levy had freedom to pursue creative ventures and collaborate with artists, activists, musicians, politicians, educators, etc. Each project has its own story. He's finally gathered them here to share.

Oakland, CA

California Dreaming

2013 - 2015

He moved to Oakland, CA after college and found work as a content creator for a Mayoral Campaign. Levy later returned to Poughkeepsie, NY to start a small production company. After relative success (though not commercially), he moved home to Baltimore to finish editing his feature documentary about a Catholic Monk.

"Working on a documentary is like starting a campfire. Collect the material, assemble it just so, light it up, and gather folks around to enjoy the warmth. 


Wait, it's like preparing a meal! Collect the ingredients, throw them on the skillet, make sure you time it right with the music, prep the plate and serve... maybe? Watch the damn movie."

Photo Credit: Kelley Van Dilla

*Disclaimer: Culinary Skills Severely Lacking.