hor d'oerves

Magnetic Pull


With a hint of metal, this delicacy is worth the nibble! The fishing technique behind this dish is little known.  *for eclectic tastes

Monica Ikegwu


A short expo on an up-and-coming painter, whose skills with the brush rival I can only compare to a master chef's skills with the skillet.

High Uninta Pack Goats

   11 lbs

There are strange things hidden in Utah's mountains.  It's comforting to have a crew... join the pecking order!

main course

Privatized Bus Service

a city's debt

Pre-amble to the local elections in Poughkeepsie, NY (Nov. 2019), this piece depicts the priorities of the current Administration in the kitchen.

Johnny Vik

2x your salary

An old recipe for a new dish, this feast for the eyes is courtesy of my uncle, Warren Hammack, first brought to the screen in 1977.

An Instrument of Peace


For a calming experience, the mint-scented grounds at this monastery lift the spirits.

The Poughkeepsie Cannon

no longer offered

You may have already tasted a dish or two from the canon of the Cannon. The full course is a sweet and savory blend of fun, all local to Poughkeepsie, NY.




A rap on the Osiris story in the heart of Spring Valley, NY.

Kono Michi


Flush your palette with a nice cleanse of treats (this collection has aged well).


$ 7.00

There's more in a glass than just wine. For a darker flavor, endeavor in this award-winning sensory experience.

*Disclaimer: Culinary Skills Severely Lacking.